The theme of Europe’s energy security is a constant irritant in both EU–Russia relations and in relations among European elites. We should probably resign ourselves to the manipulative nature of discussions about European energy security, which are far from the real economic circumstances. With this manipulation in mind, we should focus on economic reality, which […]

Gas Production in Europe Continues to Fall

European gas production will continue to fall, according to the latest forecasts from the International Energy Agency (IEA). By 2024, analysts expect European output, including Norway’s, to drop by as much as 48 billion cubic metres (bcm) to just 202 bcm.  At the same time, the demand for natural gas will continue to grow. According […]

German energy is getting greener, but the price remains unclear

The environment was a crucial theme in Germany’s 2021 election campaign and predictably, the Greens want to make it central to the coalition agreement. What exactly the country’s new energy policy will look like, taking into account the country’s accelerated switch from coal power is however as yet unclear even to ministers themselves. It is […]

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Iran And The EU: From Sanctions To Energy Partnership

One of the key questions for securing Europe’s energy security is the possibility of organising the transportation of Iranian gas to the EU and thus alleviating the EU’s dependence on gas supplies from Russia. In the last year and a half this question has acquired a key and apparently disproportionate significance for Europe’s energy security. […]

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Construction of the mains gas pipeline that should go through the bed of the Mediterranean and join the Leviathan deposit in Israel with European consumers is being called one of the  most ambitious projects in the energy sector of the global economy. This is first and foremost because having already approved its construction, Brussels hopes […]


Poland and Denmark have announced their decision to bring the Baltic Pipeline into operation in 2022. This troubled project, which has already been delayed twice since work began on it 16 years ago, should, according to its architects, supply the Poles and other European consumers with a significant volume of gas extracted in Norway. The […]

Gas For Europe: Ukraine Plays Russian Roulette

However much Kiev may try to disown everything that in any way – even metaphorically – gives Ukraine the brutal charm of its powerful neighbour Russia, there are certain things that President Poroshenko’s team are unable to hide. One of these is the catastrophe that is the country’s gas transportation system, whose condition European energy […]

Mock energy security for Europe with transatlantic LNG supplies

This year the first LNG delivery from Cheniere Energy, the only US exporter to Europe so far, reached European shores. President Trump lost no time in declaring that the US is breaking Russia’s monopoly and is exporting LNG everywhere. On a more serious note, Swiss company Ineos alone plans on importing as many as eight […]

America’s new sanctions against Russia – Europe caught between a rock and a hard place

This August President Trump signed a new package of sanctions against Russia, which had been approved by both houses of the US Congress.  There had been no doubt that Trump would sign the document making the sanctions mandatory, otherwise accusations of his connections with Russia would escalate. One of the most important components of the […]

Baltic pipe: pursuing the unkown

Last year, not too long ago, some independent experts called the construction of the Baltic Pipe trunk gas pipeline (TGP) from Norway to Poland via Denmark a very ambitious project for the North Europe region. Precisely a year ago potential participants in the project started another round of the Baltic Pipeline discussions, the third in […]

Azeri Oil Fountain May Prove Not Unlimited

In recent years production of crude oil in Azerbaijan has been steadily declining. In 2015 Azerbaijan, a former Soviet Transcaucasian Republic and a large global oil- and gas-market player, produced 41.7 million tonnes of ‘black gold’, whereas in 2016 production was a million tonnes less. Over the first six months of this year Azerbaijan produced […]

The Future of Natural Gas Pricing – Farewell to Groningen

Against the backdrop of a growing interest in the evolution of the digital economy both in Russia and abroad the future of the development and processing of conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbons tends to fade somewhat into insignificance. In the long term that is fair. However in the medium-term the oil and gas sector may see […]

Russia gets serious with China

The world’s biggest gas consumer and supplier, Сhina and Russia respectively, are establishing stronger energy ties. The 3,000km-long Power of Siberia pipeline is just one of their latest joint projects. With anti-Russian sanctions adopted by the US Senate on 27 July and signed by Donald Trump on 2 August, it is likely that Russia will […]

Alternative Energy in Europe: Delusive Hope

Energy consumption is linked direct to economic activity. According to Eurostat the most significant drop in European energy consumption – 5.8% – occurred in 2009 and is attributed by the agency “to a lower level of economic activity as a result of the global financial and economic crisis”, although in general the consumption of energy continues to grow […]