The theme of Europe’s energy security is a constant irritant in both EU–Russia relations and in relations among European elites. We should probably resign ourselves to the manipulative nature of discussions about European energy security, which are far from the real economic circumstances. With this manipulation in mind, we should focus on economic reality, which […]

Gas Production in Europe Continues to Fall

European gas production will continue to fall, according to the latest forecasts from the International Energy Agency (IEA). By 2024, analysts expect European output, including Norway’s, to drop by as much as 48 billion cubic metres (bcm) to just 202 bcm.  At the same time, the demand for natural gas will continue to grow. According […]

German energy is getting greener, but the price remains unclear

The environment was a crucial theme in Germany’s 2021 election campaign and predictably, the Greens want to make it central to the coalition agreement. What exactly the country’s new energy policy will look like, taking into account the country’s accelerated switch from coal power is however as yet unclear even to ministers themselves. It is […]

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Crude Price Status Quo Expected to Linger till 2018

The subject of conventional hydrocarbons, with a focus on crude oil prices, has been generating wild theories both in the expert community and the media. Although some of the speculation has been orchestrated, the main reason for this chaotic forecasting is that it is no longer possible to rely on the traditional system of trend […]

Southern gas corridor may end up as a bunker

One of the most ambitious European energy projects, the $45 billion Southern Gas Corridor may be about to breathe its last, in spite of the ongoing effort to revive it. It has been beset by a disease that has been developing as quickly as a particularly pernicious tumor. While in spring, there was still hope […]

Energy of the future: nuclear versus wind

There was a time when everybody laughed at Nicola Tesla with his electrical motor because nobody could believe in energy without oil. But even back then, the great inventor knew that hydrocarbons would not be around forever. In 50 years’ time, the world may have used up its last drops of oil. This is a […]


The Arctic shelf: cold but not that cold Recent turmoil in international oil and gas markets combined with increasing environmental concerns has helped calm a fever over hydrocarbon development in the Arctic region. Nonetheless, these territories with fragile ecosystems and abundant natural resources attract major players. According to the US Geological Survey, the Artic shelf […]


Blessing in disguise

Russian Gazprom to complete a successful import substitution Two years after the West imposed sanctions, they remain a controversial matter for the Russian economy. While some experts point out the threats of technological isolation, others claim import restrictions are a blessing for domestic industrial production. The oil and gas industry was hit the hardest. The […]

Nord Stream 2 to warm up Europe

The “ready” button has been pushed on the German island of Rugen. The pipes for laying down the North Stream 2 gas pipeline have been unloaded on the coast, the contract has been signed with Wasco Coatings Europe BV for their ballast coating, storage and logistics, and the first phase of construction is even underway.