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No green without blue: Europe could fall short of its energy goals without hydrogen imports

This winter, soaring energy prices have aggravated the economic burden for European businesses and residential customers alike. While solar and […]

Tectonics of the Groningen Problem: Why the Gas Field is Struggling to Cease Production

Groningen is one of the largest gas fields in the world, and was a source of prosperity for the Netherlands […]


It is entirely mistaken to call the present situation a “European gas crisis.” Its significance goes far beyond simply the […]

Battling Methane Goes Viral

2021 has seen issues relating to the environment becoming a key topic throughout the world, perhaps even displacing coronavirus, which […]

German energy is getting greener, but the price remains unclear

The environment was a crucial theme in Germany’s 2021 election campaign and predictably, the Greens want to make it central […]

Will we get to see an artificial sun in the twenty-first century?

The construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), one of the most large-scale international energy projects, was launched in Provence over thirty

Aerial photo of hydraulic fracturing equipment at sunset. (FRACKING)

US fracking – as green as it can be

The gradual emergence of key advanced economies from the stagnation of the pandemic is understandably increasing forecasts for energy consumption,

Oil tanker is passing through Bousphorus strait when it sunset.

Turkey may require a partner to develop Sakarya gas field

In 2020, Turkey’s President Erdoğan triumphantly announced the discovery of the “huge” new Sakarya field in the Black Sea, which was one of the largest finds in the world last

Baltic Pipe struggles to find enough gas

Whenever the Baltic Pipe project is mentioned, it is accompanied by the adjective “strategic”, to convey its importance. The project is a crucial part of extensive Polish ambitions

LNG terminal on Krk island aerial view

Does the FSRU on Krk float anyone’s boat?

Dobrodošli na Otok Krk! (Welcome to Krk!) Krk, the largest island in Croatia and the Adriatic has long attracted tourists with its favourable climate and wealth of monuments

fata morgana

Trans-Caspian Gas remains a pipe dream

according to Ashgabat and Baku, the final impediment to building the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TGP) – something Turkmenistan has been trying to achieve for over twenty