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How manageable is the hydrogen transformation for Germany?

In order to protect the climate, Germany is entirely abandoning nuclear energy by 2022 and then, by 2038, coal-fired energy. […]

Nord Stream pipeline groans under US pressure but doesn’t bend

German politicians’ faint hopes that the administration of new US president Joe Biden would replace wrath with favour have been […]

Norwegian LNG at Klaipeda ready to board

Lithuania’s energy ministry is making desperate attempts to free itself from the shackles of a contract it signed with Norwegian […]

No Clarity on Offshore Projects in Romania

2020 was a bad year for most businesses, and for offshore gas projects in Romania especially. Almost a year and […]

IAP provides Turkey sudden access to the European gas market

The question of guaranteeing Europe’s energy security through commercially profitable projects is a cornerstone to understanding the future configuration of […]

Troubled waves move across the Three Seas

The Polish geopolitical “Intermarium” project, known as the Three Seas Initiative (TSI) has been on the agenda for five years […]

Decarbonization of the German Economy: Return to Renewable Energy

Germany intends to consistently and rigorously implement its plan for the development of its national energy sector, with a view […]

Will Nord Stream turn back?

Nord Stream 2 is at a phase in its development where there is virtually no doubt that it will be […]

Turkmenistan leads Europe a merry dance

The Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TGP) project was conceived twenty years ago and in theory is capable of changing the energy […]

Baltic Pipe vs Nord Stream 2

In September, Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller announced that Poland was prepared to offer Germany a replacement for Nord Stream […]