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Winter night panoramic oil pumpjack.

Russian oil industry: beyond sanctions

In the early stages of global economic turmoil, the Russian oil and gas industry misjudged the true scale of coming […]

Turkish stream to benefit consumers

Talk in Europe about the steady growth of alternative energy and the potentially vanishing demand for Russian natural gas would […]

Nuclear power plant

Westinghouse bankruptcy: A blow below the American belt

 There are no miracles: survival is for the fittest. Nowhere is this truer than in the global energy market. Toshiba […]

Photo of technical equipment at a gas-compressor station near Kyiv, part of the main pipeline between Russia and Europe

Gastoeurope: Ukraine on the edge

Since Ukraine stopped buying Russian natural gas in November 2015, it has been importing the fuel under sales contracts with […]

Welding works on gas pipeline

No South Stream Problems for Nord Stream 2

According to its letter of March 28 to the governments of Denmark and Sweden, the European Commission will not block […]

Blue and green: energy harmony

When oil prices collapsed in 2014, many experts predicted bleak scenarios for renewable energy: cheap oil would make pushing on […]

Crude Price Status Quo Expected to Linger till 2018

The subject of conventional hydrocarbons, with a focus on crude oil prices, has been generating wild theories both in the […]

Southern gas corridor may end up as a bunker

One of the most ambitious European energy projects, the $45 billion Southern Gas Corridor may be about to breathe its […]

Energy of the future: nuclear versus wind

There was a time when everybody laughed at Nicola Tesla with his electrical motor because nobody could believe in energy […]


The Arctic shelf: cold but not that cold Recent turmoil in international oil and gas markets combined with increasing environmental […]


Blessing in disguise

Russian Gazprom to complete a successful import substitution Two years after the West imposed sanctions, they remain a controversial matter […]