The theme of Europe’s energy security is a constant irritant in both EU–Russia relations and in relations among European elites. We should probably resign ourselves to the manipulative nature of discussions about European energy security, which are far from the real economic circumstances. With this manipulation in mind, we should focus on economic reality, which […]

Gas Production in Europe Continues to Fall

European gas production will continue to fall, according to the latest forecasts from the International Energy Agency (IEA). By 2024, analysts expect European output, including Norway’s, to drop by as much as 48 billion cubic metres (bcm) to just 202 bcm.  At the same time, the demand for natural gas will continue to grow. According […]

German energy is getting greener, but the price remains unclear

The environment was a crucial theme in Germany’s 2021 election campaign and predictably, the Greens want to make it central to the coalition agreement. What exactly the country’s new energy policy will look like, taking into account the country’s accelerated switch from coal power is however as yet unclear even to ministers themselves. It is […]

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Nord Stream pipeline groans under US pressure but doesn’t bend

German politicians’ faint hopes that the administration of new US president Joe Biden would replace wrath with favour have been dashed by an icy Transatlantic reality. Washington continues to take an intransigent stance and threaten European participants in the project with sanctions. But Berlin is still trying to withstand the pressure and save face, by […]

Norwegian LNG at Klaipeda ready to board

Lithuania’s energy ministry is making desperate attempts to free itself from the shackles of a contract it signed with Norwegian concern Equinor (formerly Statoil), which is disadvantageous in the extreme for Vilnius. The contract stipulates that Equinor will supply of four shipments per year of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at a price significantly exceeding the […]

No Clarity on Offshore Projects in Romania

2020 was a bad year for most businesses, and for offshore gas projects in Romania especially. Almost a year and a half after Exxon Mobil announced its intention to sell its 50% share in the Neptun Deep offshore project on Romania’s Black Sea shelf, a buyer has yet to be found. And despite the government’s […]

IAP provides Turkey sudden access to the European gas market

The question of guaranteeing Europe’s energy security through commercially profitable projects is a cornerstone to understanding the future configuration of the global energy market. This situation is creating new interest in even those energy programmes that cannot be viewed as economically sound. This in fact demonstrates that the global economy is preparing to emerge from […]

Troubled waves move across the Three Seas

The Polish geopolitical “Intermarium” project, known as the Three Seas Initiative (TSI) has been on the agenda for five years now and continues to periodically create powerful surges of information. However, Warsaw’s political – or rather propaganda – successes are proving to be substantially more modest than its economic ones. The dialogue that took place […]

Decarbonization of the German Economy: Return to Renewable Energy

Germany intends to consistently and rigorously implement its plan for the development of its national energy sector, with a view to abandoning nuclear energy by 2022 and phasing out coal by 2038. The precise mix on which Angela Merkel’s government is betting for the next few years is made up of alternative energy sources and […]

Will Nord Stream turn back?

Nord Stream 2 is at a phase in its development where there is virtually no doubt that it will be completed. The question is what the political and economic costs of launching it will be and whether it will be able to function fully in an economic and geo-economic sense. The outcome of current developments […]

Turkmenistan leads Europe a merry dance

The Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TGP) project was conceived twenty years ago and in theory is capable of changing the energy market in Europe. However, for a whole range of reasons – from geopolitical to financial, economic and environmental – this important project for European energy security has stalled. And the prospects for supplying Turkmen gas, […]

Baltic Pipe vs Nord Stream 2

In September, Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller announced that Poland was prepared to offer Germany a replacement for Nord Stream 2, which is beset with problems. Poland has decided to use the situation to its advantage and to raise the profile of what is considered an alternative to project – the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. […]

Romanian Gas Export: A Disaster on Hold

After almost a year of suspense, the future of Romanian gas exports remains highly uncertain. Restrictive legislation adopted by the previous government in 2018 remains in force, while new steps to ease gas exports are proving incongruent with it. The Neptun Deep Standstill Perhaps most revealing is the lack of development in the Neptun Deep […]

Could EastMed Re-awaken Leviathan?

A triumphant fanfare was heard in Israel in the middle of the summer: following on the heels of the authorities in Greece and Cyprus, the government had finally ratified the agreement on the construction of the EastMed gas pipeline. The pipeline is intended to deliver gas from the Israeli Leviathan deposit to European consumers.The agreement […]